It gives us pleasure and pride to introduce NIET which stands national institute of engineering & studies, which enhance the existing good will of its name to the country. It aims to become a center of excellence for the engineering education along with the technical career courses in the country.

All forms of organizations are committed with the purpose to help the larger society by helping them. As a responsible citizen the NIET institute is also dedicated to bring happiness to its communities. Our educational and training programmers are anchored around the philosphy. Those who aspire to become organizational leaders in today’s environment will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitude.Our programmers and activities are guided bby our vision, mission and core values.

Being a engineering institute we continuously strive to remain at the cutting edge of research and inquiry in the various functional technology and related disciplines.

I am confident that the skills which have been honored during the programme at NIET institute will proof to be extremely beneficial during there corporate assignments. It is my pleasure and hope to the students that NIET will lend a hand them to enhance there career and growth. I wish the entire students to have bright and successful career ahead.